Jaclyn F. Humble

Founder & Designer

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved fashion & design. I credit my mom for instilling in me a strong sense of personal style from an early age. She taught my sister and me to always choose “tasteful” over “trendy”. My senior superlative was “most likely to be wearing pink” & that probably tells you everything you need to know about me.

What prompted me to start a jewelry brand?

While I was studying Public Relations & Art in college, I worked at a local boutique in Augusta, Georgia as a buyer. Besides a short stint as a mall retail sales girl, the boutique was my first peek into the inside of the fashion industry. Once the curtain was pulled back, I realized that I was capable of creating & running my own brand & that no other job would satisfy me. Combining my God-given artistic abilities & passion to make others feel good about themselves, jewelry design comes naturally to me.  I hope that you enjoy my designs & that they make you feel beautiful when you wear them.

Pictured above is my sister & me selling bubbles & other objects we found in the yard. Entrepreneurial from an early age.

Where does the name “Frazier Lynn” come from & what’s the story behind the logo?

I only have one sibling, a sister, who is 2 years & exactly 100 days older than me (yes, she counted). Our parents named her-Kaitlyn & me-Jaclyn. Since there are no men to carry on the Frazier name, I knew that if I ever started a business it would have the word “Frazier” in it to honor my dad. I didn’t want to use my full name since I hope this brand takes on a persona of its own, & wanted to pay tribute to the bond that my sister and I share- so I added Lynn after the word Frazier. The logo is a strawberry merged with a diamond. Frazier comes from the French word “fraisse” meaning strawberry & I used a diamond to represent 1. the fact that it’s a jewelry company & 2. to pay tribute to my college sorority ADPi which both my sister and I were members.

Why am I obsessed with the South?

Well no one retires & moves up north. I was born in Gainesville, Florida- raised in Augusta, Georgia- and live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I truly believe that Southern cities have the best food, music, and architecture. The South gets a very bad reputation, & Southerners are often perceived as ignorant & unintelligent- which I find to be wildly untrue. I can’t speak for every Southerner ever, but I hope I can spread the message of warmth, acceptance, and tradition that exists in the South that I know & love.


Thank you for all the love & support! Without the encouragement from friends, family, and sacrifices from my husband, none of this would be possible.