The Jewelry Brand of the South

There’s something very special about life below the Mason Dixon line.
From New Orleans to Charleston and Nashville to Richmond thrives a rich culture of America’s greatest graces and achievements, as well as the lingering scars of darker days. Despite the blend of so many cultures, life can seem so simple here. In all of the ways we are different, there is simplicity and comfort in the bonds we have as Southerners—and especially as Southern women. In a world that’s constantly moving and changing, we have roots that keep us grounded. Even when the oceans of life send us away for a spell, the South is always front of mind. A place with sweet tea, friendly faces, relaxing front porches, loving families, and no worries.

As a brand, Frazier Lynn promotes the Southern way of life through our designs, values, and efforts. We draw inspiration from a myriad of different cultures, but our classic aesthetic results in rich yet simple silhouettes – without all of the hustle and bustle. Our desire is for each piece of Frazier Lynn jewelry to become an "old faithful" that you'll wear for years to come.


Surrounded by rich culture in the melting pot we call home, beautiful and simple designs come more naturally than we’d like to admit. Each piece is designed to maximize wearability. We only use the highest quality materials available, so with proper care, our pieces can be worn for years.

If you like it, buy it. If you love it, buy it in every color.

Not from the South? No problem.

We can’t take credit for being blessed with living in the greatest place on God’s green earth. Our ancestors came from all across the globe to become Southern women. Arriving, they not only found a beautiful place to call home, but more importantly they found a way of life. And that’s truly what being “Southern” is – a way of life.

Our blog provides recipes, styling tips, playlists, and other southern inspiration. Our philosophies & culture can be embraced no matter where you are geographically, but we sure hope you come for a visit!


We can't invite all of our customers over for Arnold Palmers on the porch, but we want to show Southern Hospitality somehow. Orders placed in the continental USA always ship free! If you're ever not totally happy with your order, feel free to reach out & we will do whatever we can to make it right.

We strive to make sure each order is sent ASAP. Orders placed on weekends will be sent on Monday.

Jaclyn F. Humble

Founder & Designer

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved fashion & design. I credit my mom for instilling in me a strong sense of personal style from an early age. She taught my sister and me to always choose “tasteful” over “trendy”. My … Read More